Rob Huddleston


Web Design Classes


Removing the fear of code

The stereotypical "programmer"—a super-nerd with taped glasses alone in his parent's basement—simply doesn't represent the reality of today's coders. And yet, a fear of coding persists, even amongst students with a desire to pursue a career in the web. It's my job to not only teach the technical skills, but also to help students get past that fear of what it means to type code.

Information Architecture

Organizing large quantities of information on pages and thinking about the needs of users form the basis of the topics covered in this class. Read more about the class

Advanced Web Design

Advanced design and layout concepts, coupled with an introduction to PHP and server-side coding, and a focus on usability in dynamic site design ensures that students produce a final project that is ready for their graduate portfolio. Read more about the class

Fundamentals of Web Design

Introducing students to the basic skills of a web designer: HTML and CSS. The class combines concepts and theories behind why the web works the way it does with hands-on experience coding six web sites. Read more about the class

Programming Logic

By combining offline activities, games, and three programming languages, I am able to introduce basic programming concepts while easing students' fears about learning to program. Read more about the class

General Education and Foundations Classes

Soft and Hard Skills

A well-rounded education

It's not enough to know how to write code and make things pretty. We also need to teach students basic skills, as well as how to think and examine the world around them to become productive, engaged adults.

Cyber Theory

A social and behavioral studies course that examines the intersection between technology and humanity. Class discussions on big data, robots and AI, social media, science fiction and science fact, coupled with guest presentations from authors and FBI Cybercrime agents and a Silicon Valley field trip. Read more about the class

Image Manipulation

Graphic and web, film, photography, animation and game art students all take Image Manipulation early in their programs. The course is an introducion to Adobe Photoshop, with an exploration of its key tools and features. Read more about the class